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Product Thinking For Agilists 

Unlock the Future of Agile Coaching: Elevate Your Impact and Influence in Just 4 Hours!

Are you an Agile professional feeling the limitations of traditional coaching approaches? Join our exclusive 4-hour course and deepen your understanding of product thinking beyond Agile. It's time to take your coaching skills to the next level and drive real change in your organization.

🚀 Why You Should Enroll:

  1. Unleash Your Coaching Potential: Move beyond Agile's confines and explore the broader world of Product Thinking. Discover how to make a more profound impact on business and product strategy.

  2. Master the 'Why': Shift your conversations from 'When' to 'Why.' Learn to ask the critical questions that drive strategic decision-making.

  3. Diverse Growth Strategies: Explore product-led, customer-led, and sales-led growth strategies, and understand their profound effects on team culture.

  4. Operationalize Success: Gain the skills to operationalize company strategies, creating laser-sharp focus within your organization.

  5. Metrics Mastery: Distinguish between customer, business, and product metrics. Learn how they intertwine to fuel sustainable growth.

  6. Inclusive Design Tactics: Adapt Human-Centered Design discovery tactics to be more inclusive and empowering for your product team.

👤 Who Should Join

  • Senior to mid-level Agile professionals seeking to influence business and product strategy.

  • Those tired of 'When' questions and eager to explore 'Why' questions.

  • Agile experts looking to expand their understanding beyond Agile values and principles

🌟 Course Outcomes

  • Empower your organization with diverse growth strategies.

  • Forge stronger connections with the product side of your organization.

  • Distill the 'Why' behind your strategy and leverage Product Thinking.

  • Collaborate effectively with other lines of business outside of IT.

  • Help leaders create clarity and focus through strategic operationalization

🏁 Course Logistics

This intensive 4-hour virtual training, hosted via Zoom and Miro, is your ticket to deeper influence. We cap attendance at 30 participants per session to ensure an immersive learning experience. Secure your spot today and redefine your coaching journey!

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