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Need help with a Critical Event? 

Focused advice to supercharge your skills

Product Event consultation

Running a critical meeting or working session and need expert advice? 

In this 50-minute consultation, bring your meeting or session idea and receive expert advice on how to make it 10X more effective.

Focus Areas

Aspects of the meeting or working session we might focus on:

Lead-up preparation

Objectives & Outcomes

Recommended activities

Structure and Flow

Facilitation notes

Closeout activities

Areas of Expertise

  • North Star Framing & Outcome Laddering

  • Product Roadmapping 

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Problem Framing

  • Product Chartering

  • Story Mapping

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Prioritization

  • Roles & Responsibility setting

  • Ideation & Brainstorming

  • Moderated Testing

  • Setting up an Experiment

  • Customer Interviews

    ...and more

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