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I'm a product coach with proven experience coaching in FinTech, Retail and the Public sector. Blending product & agile expertise, among other things, I help organizations get better at Product Operations: optimizing the intersection between product, engineering, and design in order to shorten the feedback loop from strategy formation to in-market feedback.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jason Hall. My expertise is in Lean Product and Business Agility coaching in digital-first organizations. How can I help?

Helping you Along Your Enterprise or Startup Journey

Strategy Formation & Execution

Whether you're a FinTech startup looking to scale or a Fortune 500 organization wishing to break out of innovation stagnation, I can coach you through it.  Product-led Coaching rooted in Modern Agile values and principles will ensure the progress your organization makes is one that continues long after I'm gone.

I can help with:

  • Product Ops Advisement

  • Business and Customer Outcome Linking

  • Product Led Alignment

  • Lean Product Discovery

More Productive Engagements. 

Tired of outcome-less, low-engagement meetings? Have an important engagement that CAN'T go wrong? For engagements or working sessions, considerably more time should spent setting the stage than actually running it. Designing meetings for full participation requires the proper mix of introverted and extroverted techniques. Reaching a decision too soon can be just as bad as not getting to one. Head-nods don't equal consent. 

I can facilitate to better outcomes with the following:

Workshops & Training.

Facilitated half-day to 4-day workshops are designed to jumpstart a team, empower middle managers, or orient Senior leadership. From Story-mapping your next product to being able to effectively resolve team conflict, short, experiential workshops are the key to starting any successful initiative or re-starting a struggling one.

Here are some of the workshops I can deliver:

  • Product Discovery

  • Team Chartering & Self Formation

  • Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Product Led Immersions

  • Prioritization & Decision Making

  • Initiative Kick-offs

  • Milestone decision points

  • Self-organization bazaars

  • Conference Facilitation 

  • or Meeting Design Consultation

Let's Talk

Cultivate a better organization.

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